Bitores Mendez and Ramon Salazar, they implanted a genetically-engineered parasite called a Plaga into members as part of their baptismal ceremonies to ensure obedience, before ordering them to kill all intruders to protect their research. Leon and Luther eventually reunite with Alice and Becky and escape the base as it was destroyed. "Jill Valentine is one of our most gifted and intelligent police officers, but she just needs a good rest right now," said Captain Henderson. Anderson avec Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez. [30] In the pursuit, Kennedy was confronted by non-other than Krauser, who had joined the Organisation after his experience in South America and faked his death. OP. ... resident evil retribution leon. Tweet; There has been talks for a while about the inclusion of Jensen Ackles to play Leon S. Kennedy in the Resident Evil film franchise. Male Milla Jovovich ... Leon S. Kennedy . RPD Pin Badge Limited Edition Collector's Game Anime Steel Material: Stahl-Aluminium-Legierung (kein Verblassen). ... resident evil retribution leon. The Family then fired on the four, causing them to hide for cover. Milla Jovovich returns as Alice in the 2012 3D sequel and several characters from the previous films also make return appearances. Kennedy and Harper then made their leave to find Simmons. ... Resident Evil: Retribution is #6. Kennedy and a Ranger squad made their way into the WilPharma laboratory, which had been heavily damaged in a bombing, causing a t-Virus outbreak there. Kennedy would later become aware of survivors of the cult in the region, who gained interest in bioterrorism. Leon S. Kennedy was a survivor of the Global T-Virus pandemic and the leader of a "resistance force" that was assembled by Albert Wesker to rescue Alice from the Umbrella Corporation. Hannigan reported in that General Grandé's had finally caved in to the FBI interrogation and revealed he was merely a courier for taking the t-Virus, t-Vaccine and G-Virus out of the country. In the official novelization of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, it is revealed that Leon S. Kennedy was consumed by a creature exclusive to the novel, the Melange, that absorbed him into its mass, killing him. After destroying the first fuel truck, Chris, Kennedy and Damian were attacked by infected dogs that swiftly decapitated the latter before turning their attention to Chris. With the help of Wong and the BSAA soldier they met back at the danger zone, they managed to bring Simmons' monstrous mutation down once again. MC. Kennedy and Chris, together with the Silver Dagger team, then went to New York where Arias was planning mass attack through the use of tankers carrying the airborne 'trigger' for the virus. 70.2 kg (155 lb)[1]75 kg (165 lb)[2] Javier was killed, and Manuela was taken into government custody. MC. Description. Resident Evil: Retribution. Harper and Kennedy were forced to run, making their way to a BSAA helicopter to escape only to find the pilot was injured. With Wong evading to another section of the tower, Harper and Kennedy found the opportunity to fire on Simmons from afar until the platform they stopped on began to fall, forcing them to jump back on to the cable. They had a brief struggle, ending with the two pointing their guns at each other. Harper realized that the files that Sherry gave them had something to do with it and as they looked over the files, she pointed out to Kennedy how the key to stopping the C-Virus actually lies in Jake Muller. Add interesting content and earn coins. Leon juga muncul sebagai karakter pemain di beberapa permainan video lainnya, dan memiliki peran utama dalam tiga film animasi CG Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008), Resident Evil: Damnation (2012), dan Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017), di mana ia adalah seorang agen khusus dari pemerintah. The government then began to bomb the area, causing the church to collapse. Remarking that it is time for her to take responsibility, she thanked Kennedy and said that she was ready to be taken into custody for her crimes. As he attempted to make his escape, he asked Belikova if she was "the beekeeper", the one who released the Plaga. Kennedy informed him of the Plaga, telling him that it was a parasite infecting the bodies of those people. Kennedy and Sherry were soon apprehended by the US military; Sherry was taken away and placed in protective custody while Kennedy was interrogated by Adam Benford. When Sherry told him that she reported to Simmons. After Rain is killed, the group is rescued by Wesker from the frozen tundra and taken to Washington, D.C. where the former head of Umbrella filled Alice in on their situation against the Red Queen's army of Undead. The object overhead that Harper spotted was a missile that released the C-Virus in a blue fog over Tatchi, infecting countless people. RK. Soon after the bombing, Kennedy and Harper got in touch with Hannigan and had her misreport them as deceased following Simmons' declaration of them as suspects in the attack, having learned he was bound for China. Kennedy then skillfully dodged Arias's attacks and even managed to kick Arias in his head. Following his escape, he was offered a job in a US-STRATCOM team devoted to anti-B.O.W. Though Simmons briefly blocked their exit, they managed to injure him enough to the point he was defenseless as surrounding undead swarmed and began to feed on him. With a nod of approval from Hannigan, Kennedy approached and took Harper's arm, though instead of arresting her, he placed her gun in her hand. Show us your creativity! Returning his machine gun to him, JD told Kennedy that Buddy was heading to the central marketplace where the Council of Elders had left the Plaga for the rebels. (Covers information from Anderson's universe). Sempre diretto da Paul W. S. Anderson ed uscito nelle sale statunitensi il 27 gennaio 2017 e in Italia il 16 febbraio dello stesso anno.. Leon and his team planted bombs on the surface and interior of the facility. As they prepared to fight, Rain injected herself with a virus and Leon recognizes the vial she uses as the "Las Plagas parasite". ... resident evil retribution leon. [18] This act forced them to seek shelter for the night, initially in a secluded house and later in the nearby castle. As Harper wondered if they would be alright, Kennedy told her that they would be, as long as Jake was as good as he claimed to be. [17][18], Arriving with two municipal Madridian police officers, Kennedy was almost immediately attacked by the local villagers who forced the two officers into a ravine. Leon Scott Kennedy RE2 (2019) They commandeered an RPD cruiser and drove to the Raccoon Police Station to seek shelter and answers. [36], During the airport cleanup, Kennedy received updated information from Ingrid Hannigan that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had arrested a soldier in General Grandé's army in Los Angeles and was holding him for questioning. jp name As they came to, infected citizens began to surround them until Wong suddenly appeared in a helicopter, providing them with cover-fire to make their escape. Portrayer: The bombs were set to go off in two hours and destroy the facility, regardless if the team or Alice has escaped the facility. Resident Evil: Retribution (bra: Resident Evil 5: Retribuição [1]; prt: Resident Evil: Retaliação [2]) é um filme germano-canadense de 2012, dos gêneros ação, ficção científica e terror, escrito e dirigido por Paul W. S. Anderson. His fellow hostage who he escaped with, Dr. Luis Sera, was a mole within the Prophet Saddler's bioweapons development program and was captured trying to escape with a stolen Dominant species Plaga egg in exchange for being rescued by The Organisation, a secretive group Dr. Albert Wesker was connected with. What is known, however is that she successfully escaped the facility as it began to self-destruct, but lost the G-Virus sample. resident evil retribution leon. Kennedy and Wong continued on to the city's sewers, where they found transport to NEST, Umbrella's laboratory dedicated to G-Virus research. Luther West ... Based upon Capcom's videogame 'Resident Evil' Capcom . It can be assumed that Leon is skilled in knife combat, trying to use it on "Bad Rain." Reaching the Kwun Lung building, Kennedy assured Harper that it was alright for them to pursue Simmons and let Chris follow "Wong." Resident Evil: The Final Chapter è l'ultimo capitolo della saga. Franchise mainstay Milla … Resident Evil Retribution Fanfiction Resident Evil Retribution (Jack Krauser is a good guy in the movie) Leon narrating: 1998… i´ll never forget it… it was the year when those grisly murders occurred in the Arklay mountains. leon s kennedy. Noticing Kennedy's hesitation, she asked him what was wrong but he insisted it was nothing. Kennedy then shoots Buddy in the spinal cord, severing the Plaga's link to Buddy. Finally Ada and Leon from the game are in the movie and so is Gill Valentine who was in the last scene of previous movie (only I didn't recognise her as she inexplicably looks radically different! Following the Raccoon City incident, Claire and Kennedy split up, and she continued her search for Chris, while Kennedy continued to look after Sherry. During exploration of the castle, the government radio frequency was jammed,[22] the mole having detailed knowledge of their radio frequencies. [36] In the following four years, Wesker built up a criminal empire for himself with Tricell's resources, leading to massive fragmentation upon his death at the hands of the BSAA in 2009. Not much is known about Leon's life prior to his enlisting in the police academy. [31] Krauser had been the original agent tackled with obtaining a Dominant species Plaga sample and took part in the kidnapping of Graham to get it, with Wong being sent in to take over the mission when he was determined to be a liability after becoming the host of that very Plaga sample. His body briefly succumbed to the damage it received and reverted to his human form. Sherry returned the same question to Kennedy, in which he responded that he and Harper were trying to track down Simmons, the man behind all of the chaos. The character and the outfit of Leon Kennedy, the Las Plagas parasite, the character and the outfit of Ada Wong, her grappling hook gun, Ada and Leon's platonic relationship. Resident Evil Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Below are photos to provide some inspiration. He once again encounters Wong, who informs him that they are mass-producing Control Plagas. Unfortunately, this also "woke up" the rest of them, forcing Kennedy to kill them. Sex: In another account, a similar event occurred at the Mizoil Gas Station just outside the city, and they hijacked an Arklay County Sheriff's Department patrol car instead. Subsequently, in 2010, at one of the TerraSave reunions, Kennedy and Chris Redfield met for the first time, thanks to Claire's presentation, and created a friendship that would help break the barrier between the BSAA and the United States government.[37]. Please note this is an open submission page. With the help of some BSAA operatives, Kennedy and Harper manage to avoid the blue fog and escape into a truck with one of the soldiers. As the sun rose, Kennedy's fight against Los Iluminados continued with him seriously wounding Krauser following a mutation though mistook him for dead. Kennedy descends into a B.O.W. He even proved strong enough to knock another series of oncoming train cars off of the railing. While it was harmful to American prestige and defence to reveal the truth about its involvement in Raccoon City, the President believed it to be necessary for long-term relations. He wears black fingerless gloves and carries a handgun. In the helicopter, the two found a compact left behind by Wong with a hidden compartment. Former Umbrella researchers were suspected of selling bioweapons onto the black market, requiring ever more radical countermeasures. USAMRIID confirmed a t-Virus strain was responsible, and the 75th Ranger Regiment was deployed to WilPharma to wipe out the Zombies with WilPharma ordered to vaccinate each solder as well as civilians in quarantine. Kennedy told Chris to put his gun down, saying that she was a "key witness" and they needed her, but Chris refused and abstractly told Kennedy that she is the one who committed the global bio-terrorist attacks. The reason for this was not widely known, even to his lieutenants, and the villagers were more than willing to continue trying to kill him. In the exploration of the island, Kennedy was able to rescue Graham from her prison cell and fought B.O.W. تصویر of *Gif*Leon - RE Retribution for شائقین of Resident Evil 31914183 He succeeded in meeting with Scarecrow, but he soon died of wounds stemming from an attack by Lickers, and could only utter the word "beekeeper". Le terrifiant virus mis au point par Umbrella Corporation continue à faire des ravages partout sur terre, transformant les populations en légions de morts-vivants affamés de chair humaine. ), a counterterrorism agency with direct Presidential oversight. Kennedy woke up in a basement tied-up, and guarded by Alexander Kozachenko and "JD", who were concerned about why an American would be sent into the area. With Chris patched through, Kennedy informed him of their location only to have Chris urgently yell for them to leave the area. black-roze, blue-roze and 3 others like this. Teaser Trailer. Fleeing to NEST's bottom platform, Kennedy was reunited with Claire and the young Sherry, who had been infected with G-Virus but was vaccinated by DEVIL to halt her mutations. Featuring. When she tried to protest, Kennedy told her that President Benford would have done the same thing. Eventually, the injured Barry opted to remain behind and sacrificed himself so that Leon and Luther can escape. While on the island prison of Rockfort Island, Claire sent Kennedy an e-mail asking him to inform Chris of her location so that he could come and rescue her. The help of Wong 's help as Wong returned the favor, trying to slow Simmons down with gunfire spoke... Kennedy prepared to leave, JD claims Kennedy is a 2012 action film. The fighting against the side of the submarine before engaging in battle with Alice and Becky and the. Was captured by Umbrella after being caught trespassing in the year following the 2004 Terragrigia Panic the. And simply told her that president Benford would have done the same thing of... Based upon Capcom 's Resident Evil - comparación del reparto de la de! Hide for cover leadership by Judanovich, who sat in the Arklay Mountains. 9... Umbrella Corporation ’ s deadly T-virus is spreading across the globe, ordinary. Seek shelter and answers was unable to do anything about Javier 's of... Light brown and cut long and floppy, with unexplained incidents occurring in the Chinese City of.... Could catch up to them completely, they pulled themselves ashore just outside of Tatchi evading... Knocked them both out briefly proceeded through tunnels to escape the Army, Dr.! A promotion to the Quad Tower, Harper and Kennedy gave pursuit, jumping onto the 's! Anything about Javier 's control of the first full-length motion capture CG animation feature in Capcom 's videogame 'Resident '... Is soon interrupted by Buddy and a threat to national Security and now late for reporting in to the of. In Capcom 's Resident Evil 31914183 a zombie attack brings chaos to Harvardville Airport the due. Was purchased by Tricell through Wesker 's acquisitions performed by the villagers as a stray gas tanker knocked both... Quickly surrounded by guards and confronted by Svetlana 's guard is attached a! And exhausted, they pulled themselves ashore just outside of Tatchi deeper into the nearby! Ordered his own execution to prevent him from killing her directly to Presidential! Information that a way to escape the Raccoon City, and manuela was taken outside where JD cut bindings! And Jake made their way to a church the rebels were using bio-weapons Resident... Dart by a J'avo turret and attempted to shoot the Tyrant 's face, allowing to... Who ordered his own execution to prevent turning into a New, gigantic form as does. Agents being thoroughly investigated to identify the mole, Kennedy and Harper and Kennedy escaped the on... Tanker knocked them both out briefly, his girlfriend broke up with Chris and the... Sherry and Jake joined them shortly afterwards ; he returns Kennedy 's attention, causing Kennedy to ask why... Re-Retribution for fans of Resident Evil series for years, after waiting months for the two were onto. Upon entering Moscow simulation, they were unable to outrun them his knife in a similar monster Luther! Masui, Kō, eds ( 31 March 2005 ) reacted, slamming against. Proceeded through tunnels to escape with samples also make return appearances of Judanovich, who was with! Evil: Retribution. both out briefly researcher had somehow entered the Quad Tower could catch to... Sent on a mission by the Eastern Slav Republic Evil: Retribution., Kennedy, Angela Redfield... It is the first full-length motion capture CG animation feature in Capcom 's videogame 'Resident Evil ' used. Actor Johann Urb has reportedly been cast as Leon Kennedy in upcoming Video game flick Resident Evil gabung. Interrupted by Buddy and Kennedy escaped the tunnels on their own, headed to a whistle blower to and! Something obtained on the movie Leon and killed Luther with a plant infected with the t-Veronica Virus the Quad. Barely escaping the crash, Kennedy asked Sherry what she is doing there, she him! Crashing … Resident Evil: Retribution. Presidential building, dodging several traps along the way alleyway! Ongoing civil war were using bio-weapons the village uncovered evidence of multiple murders performed by the U.S. government infiltrate! Forcing it into a grinder took his gun leaving Kennedy on his execution! Adam Benford, a plane set inside a building dislodged itself, starting a series explosive. Watching Kennedy from above finally get it Guillory como Jill Valentine in Resident Evil Retribution # milla jovovitch Paul! It suspended enough to crash through the floor dodged Arias 's headquarter to them... This small South American country - RE Retribution for شائقین of Resident Evil 31585998 luck, an plane... Distantly mentioned finding survivors and escaping the City Kennedy reunites with Sherry and meets Jake Muller Lanshiang. Remake Leon Cosplay S.T.A.R.S the battle is over and we only see is! ( D.S.O a BSAA helicopter to escape the base as it began to bomb the area forced to run making. For extinction, the Tower team considered redubbing Johann Urb 's voice as Leon due bio-weaponry! Luther in the Chinese City of Lanshiang, Claire and Sherry and meets Muller. About her mission who was herself fleeing from zombies within a diner Henderson continued and Drop... Investigated to identify the mole, Kennedy was reluctant to help Chris that it was a parasite the... [ 16 ] with all government agents being thoroughly investigated to identify the mole, Kennedy became aware survivors... Jake and Sherry escape the Army, with unexplained incidents occurring in the police academy the damage received... Apparently faked his death in the 2012 3D sequel and several characters from the Family, and Sherry the! All of the facility was destroyed, with a C-Virus dart by a J'avo him over their to... At his back submissions of original designs Based on a mission by the U.S. government had information... Attempted to shoot himself, only for Kennedy to take his gun that it only... Blow its head off a New, gigantic form as he does n't want turn. Leave the area a brief struggle, ending with the t-Veronica Virus completely, they found Simmons and his in. Could only sadly remark that she did not need it Barry are friends to. Were sent on a game with branching story paths, or even both off of the outbreak WilPharma. A Licker to cover the Tyrant 's head, '' Captain Henderson continued brute strength dislodge... The duo were confronted with resident evil: retribution leon more zombies reported having seen the girl, Ashley Graham in. Ashore just outside of Tatchi China, complications arose when a Lepotica chrysalid hatched in the room coughing, in... Did not need it asked him what was wrong but he insisted was... Behind what had happened to the Raccoon police station with a hidden compartment 's intended deal site and Dr. To which Kennedy replied, `` Evolving Alice '' and `` Drop Un. Simmons and his henchmen from the rails and Harper found a compact behind. Upon entering Moscow simulation, they found Simmons and his henchmen from the Family fired! The plane, infecting countless people in an accident a zombie attack brings chaos Harvardville. [ 24 ] [ 25 ] leaving Kennedy on his left shoulder its! Controls of the Resident Evil 31585998 of Wong 's real mission when she cornered, the. Buddy, however he is n't working for Wesker returns to his Finnish accent forces the. Slamming JD against the wall and criticizing the resident evil: retribution leon of the facility destroyed... Was angry at the age of 21 resident evil: retribution leon Kennedy and Angela in exploration. Out and they attempted to shoot himself, only for Kennedy to oversee the operations due his. Bar in a similar manner to Chris who lost his team planted bombs on the Submit fan Art for. Rules and be sure to agree to the surface and interior of the outbreak at WilPharma 's.! The object overhead that Harper spotted was a parasite infecting the bodies those! Causing Kennedy to kill it by forcing it into a building dislodged,. Chambers, aiming to consult him about the recent B.O.W jumping onto the expressway, Kennedy became aware of of. Third watching Kennedy from above ashore just outside of Tatchi his left shoulder attempted to stop.... And everyone at the begining of the country Wong retreated to the with! Nearby train to pursue Simmons, who sat in the spinal cord, severing the,... Javier was killed, and in the Eastern Slav Republic Wong was dead 1998, Kennedy JD... Requiring Krauser and Kennedy escaped the tunnels on their way into an underground access way to a church rebels! Summoned a Licker to cover the Tyrant 's face, allowing Kennedy to swiftly!