12/15/2019 to 3/4/2020 Town: Reports: Avon 51 Barkhamsted 4 Beacon Falls 1 Bethlehem 1 Bloomfield 11 Bridgewater 4 … Sportsmen have the option to exclude their name; however, your deer harvest information will still appear on the report. Businesses Survey of Business Owners Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) All surveys and programs Learn About CT's Wildlife . The Whitetail deer density map is an interactive map utility that features white-tailed deer populations by county throughout the United States. While there, I witnessed a very healthy population of deer that seemed to be higher than this number. 13) Kansas: Deer population around 650,000. Deer Per Square Mile: 18.3. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. This is … This led to an increase in vegetation and a hypothesized increase in the rodent population. Total deer killed in a county (wilkinson)(1644) divided by the # of total land square miles(452) in that county ,taking into account that the total legal reported harvest should be 35% of the total deer killed and another 5% for road kill,predation. 11) Indiana: Deer population around 1 million . I hunted in Ohio for the first time this season. The report uses an asterisk (*) in lieu of excluded names. As mentioned, some areas will be higher and some will be lower. Read the 2019 report here. Lyme disease: Culling the deer population in Groton, Connecticut, by about 90 percent reduced the incidence of new Lyme disease cases in town from about twenty a year to two or three a year. State Law requires ODWC to publish a Deer Harvest Report. 15) Illinois: Deer population around 850,000 . Economic Census International Programs Metro and Micro Areas Population Estimates Population Projections Small Area Income and Poverty Statistics of U.S. The 1991-92 El Niño brought unusually high precipitation to the Four Corners region in 1992. 9) Arkansas: Deer population around 1.1 million. Reports of Black Bear Activity in Connecticut. Conservation and restocking allowed whitetail populations to recover to about pre-colonization levels while blacktails and mule deer are below historic levels.A Deer were nearly hunted to extinction by the early 1900s and were extirpated in many regions. 10) Wyoming: Deer population around 60,000 . 14) Kentucky: Deer population around 900,000. 2020 marks the sixth season of Connecticut Audubon’s Osprey Nation citizen science project saw increases in the total number of Osprey nests in Connecticut, the number of active nests, and the number of volunteer stewards submitting data to the Connecticut Audubon Society. Report as of 12/7/2020 First Name: Last Name: Harvest County: Total Rack Points: Harvest Date: (3.63 psm) Basically total reported deer kill is 40% of the total deer population. 12) Texas: Deer population around 4 million . BIological Survey estimated the whitetail population at 300,000. However there was a decline in the number […] USA Deer Harvest Density Map Map Layers---- Interactive Layers ---- I was blessed to take a beautiful 8-point buck. This map is a great reference tool for deer managers, gardeners dealing with deer, or anyone with an interest in white-tailed deer. Based on Landsat ETM+ satellite imagery, this map of the American Southwest shows the predicted risk for hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in 1993. In 1890 the U.S.