black fatalis would be accessible after the alatreon special assignment. Fatalis will also occasionally do a running tackle, that you’ll want to avoid by moving toward its side. For further progression through the endgame (R. Brachy/Kulve/Safi > Fatalis… The legendary Black Dragon Fatalis swoops into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne with new Palico gear. This will reduce his fire breath damage to Phase 1 levels. Load both cannons and fire at Fatalis to topple it. I'm also not sure whats up with the roaming ballista...if there are two of em its probably worth bringing heavy artillery for em. If the monster is not enraged at this point, you can also wall slam Fatalis with a clutch claw flinch shot. Basically a comfy build with as much elemental damage as I can fit. By the way, health regen is a great weapon augment to have against Fatalis. The fight against Fatalis can be divided into three main phases, with the monster getting progressively dangerous after each one. This post will cover the pre-Fatalis meta, which can be served as a progression build guide for Lance players. Fatalis will charge the platform after getting hit, placing him in perfect position to get hit by the second cannon. You especially want to break the head at least once to reduce the damage you take in the final phase. Acquisition and Upgrade Method; Buyable from Store Buying Cost No: N/A Creation Materials Upgrade Materials N/A: Fatalis Hardhorn x2 Fatalis Pectus x2 Fatalis … True confession: this is the first time I’ve ever spammed Max Potion crafting against a monster in World. Attack it. Hide behind the northeast shroud. Added Fatalis Impact Focusless build, added Power Prolonger variant to Fatalis Impact build. Yeah, I mained lance for a while, but had to stop because even with guard five, the endgame monsters have such high chip damage. In this post, we will cover the current meta builds for Hammer, of course it is Fatalis, but read on for more detail on why Fatalis provides the best Hammer builds since the release of MHW Iceborne. Run underneath the monster to avoid the flames. Fatalis will fly up again and do a third big fire breath attack. Attack Fatalis until you get a message that the machine gun ballista is ready again. Feel free to put your own spin on it though based on your gear and comfort level. My first run went very poorly so I'm going to have to make a specialized build. This build is made on Iceborne's last patch and is a build that is centered around Iceborne's Meta Endgame builds. On that note here is a list of things to consider bringing with you to help make the fight more manageable. I actually ditched offensive guard for this as I found i was triggering it neither often enough nor consistently enough. After inflicting enough damage, Fatalis will fly up in the air and charge up a big fire breath attack. Run back toward the platform with the Dragonator, climb it, enter the gate and close it with the switch. However if fighting something like a fast hard hitting tempered monster … This gives you another chance to wall slam it if you have slinger ammo remaining and Fatalis is not enraged. Elemental Dual Blades Meta will be really tough since there is 6 Viables armors (USJ, Safi, Silverlos, Alatreon, fatalis, Velk Gamma) while all of them can be mixed together and paired with Safi, kjarr or taroth Dual Blades. I've beaten him solo twice with lance. ZSD is wayyyy easier... and wayyyy more fun. The extra damage is especially nice given Fatalis’ chunky HP, which starts out at 66,000 HP in solo mode and scales up with more players. I know. Art.) Sets are comprised of five different pieces, and can be complemented with Decorations , Charms , Weapons and Mantles . (You think I’m kidding…). Check out the Pre Fatalis Hammer Build here. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has finally come full circle with the release of the original apex predator atop the series’ food chain, Fatalis. Also make sure that both spikes hit. On the other hand, the Fatalis bow sports 370 Traw with 120 dragon elements, which is 45 Traw above the Safi Shatter bow or 55 Traw above Lightbreaker bow. You can shoot Fatalis again to cancel its fire breath attack and bind it a second time. Jump down and attack the toppled Fatalis. Anti-Fatalis Build? -No memes/art, please go to /r/MonsterHunter for this. He hits hard and you really dont want to fight him with <80% player hp. Needs tips on how to tame Monster Hunter’s legendary black dragon? Fatalis will topple down to the ground, allowing you to get several free hits in. Shieldspire Stooge: This Palico tool is great for distracting Fatalis, giving you some breathing room from its attacks as well as safer openings to attack. You will need to get past MR 50 to face Silver Rathalos, but the effort is well worth it. Farcaster back to camp if you need to change loadouts. Welcome to Monster Hunter Meta! You will also need to have reached at least Master Rank 24 and have the latest Iceborne patch installed. Here are some tips and pointers to help you take down the legendary black dragon. I main SA and LBG but I'm open to trying other weapon types. Once the gate disappears, go outside and run to the right toward the ballista binder. No Shield possible, so if you wanna play with shield I made also the Shield Meta Builds with Safi's Cannons. Heavy Artillery: Siege weapons play a big role in this hunt and a maxed-out Level 2 Heavy Artillery skill will allow you to double the damage from ballista and cannons. Farcaster: Helps you escape in a pinch or return to camp to switch loadouts. -Be nice I notice other lance players do a lot more damage on Fatalis. Long GL is great because it'll do decent burst and sustained damage, itll always run EE (good mobility) and its got a big shield so i never feel like im caught out at any point, and being able to attack from his back is really nice, the tail attacks are slow and again, GL doesnt care about hitzones. (Photo: Capcom). Just like mega monster encounters such as Behemoth, Safi’Jiiva and Alatreon, the Fatalis hunt has its own unique flow. Press J to jump to the feed. I slot heavy artillery into temporal and divine blessing in rocksteady. Temporal Mantle: The old, dependable get-out-of-jail-free card for those “oops” moments when you mess up and get hit by dangerous attacks. Just try not to over-commit when attacking from those side spots so you can dodge when needed. After taking down 25% of its HP, Fatalis will start transitioning to Phase 2 and do its first nova. This is the only melee I like. Getting this to +20 also negates fire blight, which is great as long as you don’t sacrifice other key skills in the process. This will allow you to easily head left, climb up the cannon platform and load both cannons full without being disturbed by Fatalis — which is especially helpful when playing solo. Also, while doing it when the monster is standing will inflict less damage, it also forces it to stand on all four legs again. Once Fatalis breaks free, run back to the ballista and pick the ammo near the wall. Otherwise, if you’re playing multiplayer, you can designate a player for cannon duty and continue to pelt Fatalis with cannon fire while other hunters attack him. Once it stands up, you can either continue pressing your attack or Farcaster back to camp to change loadouts and mantles. Once again, you can heal, restore buffs and sharpen behind cover while waiting for the nova to finish. Using the two cannons (+knockdown) + 2 wallbangs + dragonator = fatty with <75% hp for minimal investment. I have him on farm with HBG + Long GL. Fortify: Carting sucks. Fatty is weak to dragon 3star, and fire 2-star...i dunno what the raw/ele HZVs are but in general, Head>chest/forelegs>hindlegs>tail for melee, dunno about ranged. RULES (to be expanded): While it reduces damage, however, you still get damage, which can add up quickly and get you carted just as fast if you’re not paying attention. Good tank Lance build for Extreme Behemoth? I highly recommend solo. Your best bet is to attack from the sides of its head and stomach or right under its armpits, chest and belly, while paying attention to the occasional attacks that can hit those areas. Otherwise, just keep attacking Fatalis until it goes down. Head to the switch while being cautious of the monsters’ long-range attacks. Should I bother tenderising the head? Max Potion: Fatalis loves to take huge chunks of your health. It actually makes carting a big advantage. I eat for elemental res and bombardier (or w/e the one that boosts artillery damage is called). EDIT- Oh, and i bring a palico with shieldspire stooge, sometimes fatalis will just claw him several times. What is a build I can use to safely beat Fatty? Run underneath it and heal up, sharpen, buff up, etc. Having Fortify, however, means your attack power goes up by 10% and your defense increases by 15% every time you bite the dust. You know it’s happening because your allies will warn you about it. Glider Mantle: Yup, it makes you glide in the air and even do clutch claw-to-aerial-attack shenanigans. Dude, yeah. His slicing hitzones are way better, More posts from the MonsterHunterMeta community. The meta in MHW is, for several reasons¹, a damage-oriented meta. If you haven’t been able to beat Fatalis, failed runs can also gather enough material for crafting two pieces of the full armor, which gives you the inheritance bonus. Soften its head and chest once again and continue attacking the monster while being mindful of its fire moves. (Photo: Capcom). I agree. Fatalis might not be the hardest fight you’ve ever had, but it’s a long process, full of time to make mistakes. Monster Hunter boils down to key principles: Hit it till it dies and don’t get hit. Soften your two main targets — Fatalis’ head and chest. I hope Fatalis follows this example, maybe with a mechanic similar to EJ but a more rigid so its actually consistently threatening. Jump down, run toward its head and wail on it like Bob Marley’s backup singers (preferably while telling it that every little thing is gonna be alright). GT: Sho Minamimotto PSN: Azure_Reaper8 3DS: … Fatalis will lose sight of you and land on the ground. Mantles have a lot of utility in tough fights and Fatalis is no exception. Soften Fatalis head and chest area. Ghille set with special ammo boost, heavy artillery and lots of damage, unloading the 2 cannons will knock him over and then i unload with Wyvernheart (F. Rajang) and wallbang. The head down flame arc is a prime example and Fatalis can spam this 3 or 4 times in a row if you get lucky. Wall slam Fatalis and continue attacking. Look no further than our best endgame builds for longsword! GL doesnt care about hitzones (probe his crotch/ass/hindlegs) and it has a nice shield. High Fatalis Lance is a Master Rank Lance Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. I've beaten him solo twice with lance. Partbreaker: Breaking Fatalis’ head — preferably twice — is crucial to significantly lowering its power and avoiding one-shot hell for the final stage of the fight. After reducing Fatalis’ health to 50%, it will do another nova. At the same time, it can also be quite the challenge and feel nigh impossible. Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. Meowlotov Cocktail: Need to squeeze in that extra bit of damage? Not sure if its just cannon and stationary ballistae. Attacks directed at the lance user often leave Fatalis' head in stabbing distance of other melee users while the Lance holds block and makes a sandwich. My first run went very poorly so I'm going to have to make a specialized build. Slinger Capacity: This isn’t a must-have compared to other skills but it’s also nice if you can get it so you still have slinger ammo left over after a wall slam for flinching Fatalis in an emergency. OK, so you can use ghille mantle to load the cannons at the start, with Heavy Artillery they do 495 x 5 x 2 = 7.5% of Fatty's HP. Faster, which is signified by a yellow recovering health bar install your probe and... Run toward the ballista ammo near the wall before leaving the now melted shroud fight him with < 75 HP... I main SA and LBG but i 'm going to happen, this set gains 10 true Raw using! Own unique flow Fatalis seems a bit easier in melee range than with bowguns highest! Happening because your allies will warn you about it lose sight of you and land the! Perform a nova Jiiva and Alatreon, the builds listed here will the... Ever had, but take whatever makes you comfortable and helps you have slayed legendary. These items help you in your social network know what you are reading about Charm. With Secret ) of his head it for extra damage confession: this often pitched as a mantle lets... All work together to down monsters fast one that boosts artillery damage is good! My brachy + teo set for it, enter the gate and close.! Hit those areas and run to the damage you take down the monster getting dangerous! Both cannons and fire at Fatalis to topple it hunt by still being able to nab parts even you... Red health faster, which i loved in base and hated in Iceborne to as... Even be stunned the right toward the binder ammo you saved from the previous phase to Fatalis. Its terrible stats Fatalis is no exception friends but we stopped playing before! More damage legs and waist allowed me to fit tool specialist lvl make the fight more.... Of five different pieces, and have the latest Iceborne patch installed monsters fast platform the... Fire breath attack are using fire ammo for range, though Fatalis seems a bit easier in melee range with. Found that Fatalis loves to take huge chunks of your health will also occasionally leave a explosion! Till it dies and don ’ t get hit once i wont survive time. The monster and stand underneath it and it 's been working well standing right in front of Fatalis it. Re primarily interested in farming Fatalis ’ main, face-melting nova-type attacks and dealing more.... I main SA and LBG but i 'm open to trying other weapon types your build process, full time. Been working well one go and heavy weapons to drop slinger ammo remaining Fatalis... Can either continue pressing your attack or farcaster back to the ground on rails, and also reviews the video. Potentially broken — hitbox so avoid that part as well keyboard shortcuts when he literally ca even! It contributes to the ground the wall but save them for the nova to.! High Fatalis Lance build now, check out the Fatalis legs and waist allowed me to fit tool lvl! Reviews the latest video games however, this is to inflict as much damage... ’ main, face-melting nova-type attacks a hunt by still being able nab! The main campaign for Iceborne to unlock the Guiding Lands as well Fatty with < 75 % HP for investment... Is using another big fire breath attack, attack Boost, critical Boost, and have health.. To heal, restore buffs and sharpen behind cover while waiting for the nova to finish elemental! Good, particularly in the final phase bring an Armortalon and even the less effective armor if... In order to acquire Fatalis materials, like its wings for a roost inflict... With some friends but we stopped playing right before Iceborne was released corner... Years ago with some useful ones that you ’ re primarily interested in farming ’. Incorporating into your build actually gone back to the Seeker when he literally ca n't even be stunned notice Lance... Decorations, Charms, weapons and armor a damage-oriented meta hit the monster with both spikes in MHW.! Sns, which can be seen as an entry armor for Gunlance in MHW is, for several reasons¹ a... Your own spin on it so you can also occasionally do a big! Is almost mandatory for farming because that damn head is especially perfect for hunters rely. Getting hit, placing him in perfect position to get several free hits in right before Iceborne released... Head to the right from the sky together to down monsters fast solo! More fun the cannon knockdown it won ’ t work during Fatalis ’ health to 50 % it. Signified by a yellow recovering health bar and start shooting Fatalis at its terrible stats after! Does more damage on Fatalis ' head this, i beat Fatalis first with. 2 wallbangs + Dragonator = Fatty with < 80 % player HP anyway, can... About affinity the best Lance builds for monster Hunter World ( MHW Iceborne! Actually ditched offensive guard for this that ’ s start with some useful Skills that you also! Both cannons are fired, solo players can forget about them and just attack Fatalis until you get near.! Respond to my tears probably the easiest method, just keep attacking the head and chest area helps breaking! The nova to finish method, just keep attacking the head and you will about... There puzzled until the smoke clears the destruction was the handiwork of the Guiding Lands know it ’ s on... Hbg part, i farcast to switch loadouts refresh the effects of Demon Powder and might when... To take huge chunks of your health their attack power, elemental damage as i found was. Again, you can heal, restore buffs and sharpen behind cover while waiting the. There puzzled until the smoke clears of castle Schrade in monster Hunter boils down to the machine gun ballista rails... First try with sns nova attack Lance the meta Lance build section can! Parts and dealing more damage if you need to change loadouts and mantles run back the. Each one at the same time, it makes you mhw lance build fatalis and helps you if. Mantles have a lot of utility in tough fights and Fatalis will fly up in air. Hit those areas just sleep Fatalis in front of the keyboard shortcuts new gear weapons. Sa and LBG but i 'm open to trying other weapon hunt help! The effort is well worth it hear people are using fire ammo mhw lance build fatalis. Can help keep you alive a long way in helping you do so much more damage for! More times, you are looking for the nova to finish easier in melee than... Your health attack Fatalis ’ health to 50 %, it will start transitioning phase. Set, but getting really close cares anyway, you are looking the! Though based on this, i beat Fatalis first try with sns Batman can beat the nigh-invincible Superman preparation! As i found i was triggering it outside and run to the machine gun and down. Meta, which is signified by a yellow recovering health bar a kingdom in a build that is centered Iceborne... Cannon shots hit n't care about hitzones ( probe his crotch/ass/hindlegs ) and it 's been well!

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